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Posted by Leo Soto on .

Last night I came back at home late after attending to a Ruby metup organized by Continuum and made possible by many people passionate enough to attend, participate and later share a couple of beers while talking about many interesting topics.

I should be tired. It was a pretty eventful and somewhat stressful day. But I don't feel tired at all.

On the contrary: I feel energized. That's the trick with passionate people: whether they want or not, they exude energy. It's damn contagious.

Passion is what differentiates an awesome experience from a "meh" experience. Think about it. It obviously applies to personal life, sports, and sex, among obvious examples.

Well, it also should be obvious that it applies to work and professional career. Passion makes all the difference between an awesome job and a "meh" job. Passion makes worthwhile to spend about a third of your life working. Actually, passion makes work to not seem like work!

Passion makes us humans, after all.

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